my name’s nijel.
I have many interests.
some would call me a jack of all trades.
but i prefer renaissance man.
it sounds like a super hero. 

here’s a list of things i am:

First-Gen // Mexican-American // Angelino // Oregon Duck Alumn // Holder of 3 Media passes to various festivals and sporting events // Serial culinary video watcher // Mediocre DJ // Tourist not a Purist //

here’s a list of things i can talk about for hours:

James Turrell // Homemade vs Store-bought Kombucha // Spider-man // The insane amount of cropped, boxy hoodies being made // Surf’s Up being a cinematic masterpiece // Stand-up comedians are modern day poets // Q Lazzarus // 

let’s talk. i’m better in person anyways.
email me at: nijel.aranibar@gmail.com