CLIENT: Rayberns
ROLE: Art Director

BACKGROUND: These days, it feels like almost everyone is an amazing chef. But the average American consumer doesn’t have the time, energy, or desire to make instagram-ready meals that they crave on a regular basis.Time-starved people can feel proud about the food they make, because we’re reframing what it means to be a great cook.

IDEA: Is the purpose of cooking to make everyone online jealous or to make something delicious? Is it honorable to sacrifice your entire afternoon or is it a waste of precious free time? Do you really need to match the lofty culinary expectations of society or can you cook without being bound by social norms? I mean, really,

what is cooking, anyway?

*potentially explain design approach*

The World’s Fastest Culinary School

Craving culinary expertise, but only have 90 seconds of free time?
(which, conveniently, is the precise cooking time for a Raybern’s crafted sandwich)?

  • Chefs push participants through cooking stations at a ridiculously fast pace

  • After each task (~10 seconds), the chef takes out already-prepared ingredients from under the table (a la Julia Child) and moves participants onward

  • Participants leave with chef hat merchandise and a snazzy looking diploma


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